Beware of the "Acai-Berry-Cleanse" Scam

Don't fall for these FAKE blogs selling the Acai-Berry Scam!

One of my goals for this newsletter has always been to try to make sure that I can help give you a "heads up" when I see another fitness scam entering the market.

That way, I can save you from becoming another victim of these rampant products, pills, and gadgets that are pure garbage.

This latest scam is ALL OVER the internet everywhere you look. What they are doing is setting up FAKE blogs with women's names appended to some type of "fat loss" or "weight loss" term in the blog name and then claiming such things as:

"Hi my name is Annie, this is my blog, and I lost 72 lbs in only 5 weeks using this miracle acai-berry fat loss pill...without any exercise"


"my name is Heather and I lost 41 lbs in only 19 days by taking this miracle fat loss acai-berry pill"


"Hi my name is Suzie... you'll never believe it, but I lost 29 lbs in 1 week by using this new acai-berry... it's really a miracle!"

Well, I can tell you that Suzie, Heather, and Annie DIDN'T lose any weight by taking some ridiculous acai-berry pill. Because Suzie, Heather, and Annie DON'T EXIST!

They are all fake blogs with made up people and made up stories. You'll see this with dozens of other fake women's blog names as well - Kim, Elen, Destiny, etc, etc... they're all fake!

Now here's the real deal...

Acai berries are actually an extremely healthy and anti-oxidant rich fruit... but they ARE NOT a miracle weight loss cure. They are a good source of antioxidants, plain and simple.

So any of these new companies popping up all over the internet claiming that they have the new miracle fat loss cure with their acai-cleanse supplement... well, I would steer clear of them altogther... If they are lying about the benefits of the supplement, then how can you trust them to even know if they're actually using any real acai ingredients in the capsules? You actually don't.

My point here is to not trust anyone that claims their acai-berry supplement helps with fat loss. It doesn't.

Keep in mind that I do believe that acai berries are a great source of antioxidants. In fact, they are even a more concentrated source of antioxidants than blueberries. I even use acai-berry frozen puree to make smoothies fairly often.

I actually like acai as an antioxidant so much that I recommended that it be included in a new antioxidant formulation that my good friends at Prograde Nutrition (one of the VERY few supplement companies that I trust) recently put together.

I'm actually pretty excited about this new antioxidant formula because I got to give some of my recommendations and they are putting together 5 or 6 of the most powerful antioxidants into one formula.

Check it out here:

Keep in mind that a lot of the fake blogs out there lately are also promoting various "colon cleansing" products and "miracle wu-tea" products, so beware of those in addition to the acai-cleanse fake blogs.

Last note for today: My friend and colleague Craig Ballantyne has an exclusive new package he just put together of DVDs, bodyweight cardio workouts, his brand new hotel workouts, and lots more...

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