Healthy high protein ice cream recipe

Ice cream is not usually something thought of as healthy, but you can honestly make pretty healthy (and high protein) versions of ice cream if you get a little creative.

I just saw this delicious looking high protein, low-sugar ice cream recipe today and I had to share it with you... I'm going to try it myself today:

High protein peanut butter ice cream recipe  (easy and fast to make)

This is the type of dessert or snack that can even support your fat loss metabolism, since it it very low in sugar and high in protein.  This can also help to balance blood sugar and reduce cravings for sweets!  And that healthy ice cream recipe uses absolutely ZERO artificial sweeteners or added sugars (only uses natural stevia).

And we're not even done yet with awesome healthy ice cream recipes.  Check these out below:

8 more healthy high protein ice cream recipes 

These healthy recipes even help to support your fat burning metabolism! 

Enjoy some delicious ice cream and control your cravings and blood sugar!

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