The 3D Metabolic Exercise Method for Flat Abs

I've got a special Q&A piece for you today that shows you all about a new exercise technique called "3D Metabolic Exercise" from my good buddy, Dr. Kareem.

**The 3D Metabolic exercise method for flat abs**

Mike:  Hey Dr. K!  Most of my readers come to me because they want an honest source on health
and fitness... aka "The Truth" -

A couple weeks ago, I shared with everyone why I think your Metabolic Abs program is one of the most cutting-edge and effective fat loss workouts out there, but I'm not sure everyone is clear about your method.  What is 3D metabolic exercise and why does it work so well?

Dr. Kareem:  Awesome to be here, Mike.  Thanks for having me.

Before you fully understand what 3D Metabolic Exercise is, let's just take a peek at the problem that this method was designed to solve:

Most workout programs either take too long to do, require a gym membership, or recommend unrealistic diet expectations to help you get six pack abs.  By definition, if you can't follow something, it can't work.

3D Exercise is basically the fastest way to lose fat and build six pack abs.  By working your body in real-life ways, in all directions at once, you are simulating the same demands that take place in daily living, but with greater resistance and intensity.  This allows the carryover effect from exercise to be that much greater.

Metabolic exercise is a strategic balance between your three energy systems in your body.  You have your ATP-PC energy system, Anaerobic energy system, and Aerobic energy system.  When you work all three for a specific amount of time/workout, and you work them in a specific sequence, you get much better results.

Finally, we combine 3D movement and our metabolic protocols with ‘Neuro Fat Loss' techniques.  Basically, we reposition your body for better alignment of your joints and muscles.  In turn, your posture improves, but so does your strength.  With a better muscle strength to length ratio, your body moves more fluidly and accepts muscle growth more readily.

Mike:  Can your 3D Exercise method be done at home and if so, how much equipment is required?

Dr. Kareem:  These workouts can absolutely be done at home.  That's where I do them... or when I'm traveling, in a hotel room or hotel gym. There are a few pieces of equipment I use in the videos, but I also
provide you with household equipment suggestions if you're working out in your home and need some advice there.

I have clients who do just the bodyweight version of every exercise and they get GREAT results.  I find that I do this if I'm in a hotel room and don't have a great place to exercise.  It's my ten minute back up plan
when I'm in a pinch, because it consistently gets me some of the best results out of anything I do, no matter how long.

If you don't have a lot of time, I totally get it.  I've been there too.

Each workout is 10 minutes.  There are 5, meaning that you will exercise 5 days/week for 10 minutes/workout.  That's a total of 50 minutes of workouts per week.  Less than one hour!

Mike:  10 minutes a day is fast.  That's one of my favorite aspects about Metabolic Abs training, is the speed.  Sometimes you just want to grab a really quick workout and know it's super effective.

Dr. Kareem:  Thanks Mike!  I want to bring up another point... A lot of older adults out there are afraid to participate in an exercise program that is intense.  Age alone isn't a reason not to do an intense fat loss
program, but it's always wise to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program if you have any conditions that would warrant his/her approval or if this is your first time exercising.

For your information, my current oldest client in Ab Strength Guide is an 84 year old woman.  My youngest is an 8 year old boy, who does bodyweight only.  It doesn't matter - they're both getting great results.

The key is that you choose an exercise program that is adjustable by intensity, duration, and range of motion.  Then, you simply work to progress all the time.  Once you are able to hit a certain level of intensity,
your results show up nearly instantly.  It's really funny how we hit a "tipping point" with so many things in life, ya know?

Mike:  Totally.  I think the same thing is true with nutrition.  A lot of people don't have a clue how to start eating healthy and clean until they do.  It takes a few days or weeks to find where you can get the
best deals on everything, but then you're all set.... When you look back, it's hard to imagine eating any other way.  ...all the while, you're just getting leaner the whole time.

That said, one thing that caught my attention that you just said was that you've created a workout method where your client can self-adjust the level?

Dr. Kareem:  Now, that's the really cool aspect of Metabolic Abs Training. In the beginning, just learn the movements and how to ‘feel' an exercise in the right place.  This, alone, will produce an outstanding result if you're just starting out, especially because of how dynamic each movement is. Your body will naturally balance out, and fat will shed right off once your body is in balance.

As you become more experienced, or if that's where you are right now, your intensity increases, and the results do as well.  At my record lowest bodyfat of 7.5%, I was using these workouts on a regular basis, b/c I can depend on them to get me insane results every time.

Mike:  Shifting focus, completely, there's something really cool I'd like to share with you:

In addition to getting you six pack abs, these workouts were designed to reduce joint pain if you have any.  That's one of the reasons that I love referring you to the doc.

Dr. Kareem:  Thanks Mike.  You know I consider you a mentor to all of us with your exercise program design for fat loss.  That said, I used these exact workouts in my own personal transformation.

I used to have extremely severe pain in most joints of my body before I got leaner and in better shape.  I don't have great genes, but I'm a big believer in taking advantage of your body's full potential. Metabolic Abs Training will help you do that.

Mike:  It certainly will.  I know I get a crazy sweat when we work out together.  It's been a lot of fun... you can definitely see changes going on all the time.  It's really cool how we just come up with stuff back and forth.  I remember not too long ago we were talking about how men and women are still confused
about exercising for fat loss - would you mind explaining this in your own terms for everybody?

Dr. Kareem:  Sure, I'd be happy to.  A solid fat loss workout is proven to work with both genders.  Here's the deal, as I know you explained in an article before, we are all human beings. Our bodies secrete different amounts of testosterone and estrogen, depending on whether we are male or female, but we both have...
well, both.

If anything, it stands to argue that a woman who wants to lose fat will have to build a little bit of muscle first if she doesn't have a whole lot of meat on her body.  Otherwise, she'll never raise her metabolism.  I know you've talked about this before, but it's your muscle to fat ratio that ultimately dictates your metabolism.

Mike:  Thanks for the interview Dr. K!  It's always great chatting with you about health and fitness.  Make sure to check out this special video presentation Dr. K put up for you:

Dr. Kareem's Method Explained --->  3 Odd methods to get a flat belly

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer