A sinister health problem - the area you live, your skin pigmentation, and vitamin D

This is an important article and video below that shows how the area that you live could be harming your health.  The video also shows how this relates to our skin pigmentation and could cause a problem quietly brewing inside your body:

Is the area that you live harming your health through Vitamin D deficiency?

Also, if you missed the article the other day, make sure to read about how problems in our food supply could be causing you to be deficient in this critical nutrient.

On an unrelated note...

If you remember from a newsletter a while back, I warned that although I love most of Prograde Nutrition's products, there was one particular product that I recommended NOT using, and that was Prograde Lean, because it contained artificial sweeteners (and I'm strictly anti artificial sweetener).

Well, my complaint about that product didn't fall on deaf ears... Prograde has changed the formula and come out with a new and improved Prograde Lean meal replacement that is naturally sweetened with stevia!

It has coffee and chocolate flavors, and supposedly the coffee flavor is surprisingly good.  And it has either 8 grams (coffee flavor) or 11 grams of fiber (chocolate flavor) per serving, along with a whopping 35 grams of protein!

My boys at PG tell me that they're having a 10%-off sale until tomorrow on the entire store if you want to try out the new Prograde Lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer