Are sunscreens harmful to your health?

If you listen to some clueless news reporters, you would think that being out in the sun without sunscreen on for even just 1 minute is going to instantly give you cancer and lead to your death.  Yet, for eons, our ancestors spent at least 10x more time out in the sun than the average person in the modern world.

And more info is surfacing lately about possible health risks with heavy use of sunscreens (carcinogenic, estrogenic effects).  In fact, did you know that underexposure to the sun is as big of a health threat as overexposure to the sun?  It's true...

Read today's article to see the gory details on this...

The TRUTH about sun exposure and sunscreens

I have another good article for you below that shows a unique way to ingest a natural nutrient that gives you "internal sun protection"...

Unique natural nutrient that gives you internal sun protection

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer