Burns more calories than jogging?

You probably have heard by now that jogging is one of the WORST forms of exercise you can do.

Sure, if you enjoy it as a relaxing hobby and it helps reduce your stress levels, then go for it.  But please be aware that jogging does more damage to your joints than almost ANY other form of exercise out there.

In addition, jogging does almost NOTHING to actually increase your metabolism via the "afterburn" effect of a workout.  On the other hand, more effective methods of training such as interval training, weight training, bodyweight resistance drills, sprinting, jump rope, etc are MUCH more effective at burning more calories AFTER your workout... giving you a metabolism boost for up to 24 hrs or more after your exercise session.

This is the KEY to truly burning more fat and boosting your metabolism...the afterburn effect, as opposed to how many calories you burn during your workout.

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer