A trick to prevent a hangover

How to Prevent a Hangover

I was at a Halloween party last night with some friends having a few drinks, and the topic of hangovers came up (along with a few laughs about the movie, The Hangover). Now personally, I never really get hangovers, even if I have a few too many, so I haven't tried this myself...

but 2 of my friends specifically said that they used to get hangovers after a night of drinking, but now they take something called VGF25+ (a whole foods based vitamin, which the name stands for 25 veggies, greens, and fruits) and this somehow prevents the hangover, they believe.

They told me that what they do is take one of the VGF25+ caps before they go to bed with some water after a night of drinking, and they haven't had a hangover since they've been doing this. Again, I haven't tried this myself, but you can grab some VGF25+ here and try it as a hangover preventative for yourself.

Also, if you missed it a couple weeks ago, I published an article about the whole topic of drinking and some specific tips to balance this aspect of your life and stay lean if you choose to partake in some social drinking. A lot of people struggle with packing on lbs from alcohol, but I also know that most people don't want to fully give up social drinking altogether.

So I give 7 specific tips in this article below about how to prevent packing on the blubber and still enjoy a little bit of social drinking in moderation.

7 Tips to Stay Lean and Still Enjoy Social Drinking

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