Amazing hiking and pictures of Loreto Mexico

I've been in Loreto, Mexico this week on a combination business/pleasure trip, and along with some business discussions with the one and only Dr. Kareem (the inventor of the Double Edge Fat Loss System), we've done a bunch of fun activities like climbing a small but vertical peak with a cliff that overlooked the ocean, did 2 great scuba dives yesterday seeing some amazing marine wildlife and underwater cliffs, and also did what I would say is the best hike I've ever been on in my life!

I wanted to show you some pics from this one particular hike because it was so incredible, and it was also an extremely fun and challenging hike that involved almost as much climbing as actual hiking, involved some bouldering, and even some climbing through several caves to get where we needed to go!

Remember that I live in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains and do a lot of hiking and mountain biking, so finding a hike that can impress me more than colorado takes a lot.

But this hike/climb in Loreto, MX was unlike any hike I've done in the states... it was also an awesome workout, had very unique and beautiful desert/canyon/arroyo scenery, and like I said, also involved almost as much climbing up cliffs, boulders, and caves, as it did normal hiking.

Here are some pics from our hike/climb:

Going through the canyon with Dr Kareem, his wife Karen, and me and Nayri

This was a different hike that we did to the top of a small peak that overlooked the Sea of Cortez.  beautiful!

still going up!

here's a crazy tarantula that we saw while hiking the canyon... yes, this thing was about the size of my hand!  a little freaky.

here's Karen coming out of one of the caves we had to climb up and through to continue on our canyon trail.

a look back down part of the canyon we had hiked up. Notice the Sea of Cortez in the background.

more scenery from inside the Baja desert canyon

these are some of the massive boulders that we had to climb over.

And our reward for the hard hiking... some margaritas later that evening overlooking the ocean!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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