The "lost" factor for fat loss success

As you know, I talk a lot in my newsletters and in my book about everything that can make you successful with lifelong permanent fat loss... and that involves:

1. your mindset and motivation
2. the priority that you put exercise in your life
3. the priority that you put nutrition in your life
4. your knowledge of training and nutrition

As well as many other factors.

But there is yet another factor that we often overlook that determines whether you're going to be a success in getting and maintaining the body that you want for life, or if you're going to fail.

And that factor is... social support

Let's face it, if you have this major goal of getting in amazing shape, but most of the people that you surround yourself with are out eating wings and drinking beers 5 nights a week (or are couch potatoes), then it's highly unlikely that you'll be a raging success in your fitness goals, as they will inadvertently "drag you down".

So I wanted to create a community where like-minded people like yourself, who are striving to be the best you can in your fitness goals, can interact with others in your same shoes.

This can be your support community.

So what we've done is put together a new website where you can interact with other Truth about Abs users who are making fitness a priority in their lives.

You can chat with others from around the world just like you about your fat loss goals, struggles, meal ideas, workouts, motivational stories, and more. You can find out what's working for them and apply it to your own life.

We're calling this the "Truth About Abs Inner Circle".

Beyond the ability to chat with and receive support from 1000's of other people from all over the world, here's what we're also going to give you in this site:

*new insider-only articles each week to keep giving you fresh ideas
*video tutorials with very unique workout ideas, bodyweight exercises, abs exercises, gym workouts, full body workouts, and more
*new meal plans and healthy fat burning food ideas consistently
*Q&A of the week
*chat room and forum support for your personal challenges
*and much more!

But I don't want to try to "convince" you to try out this site.

Instead, we've decided to let you join for only $1.00 for your first 15 days!

The software for this site, email support, hosting, website costs, and more are costing us a fortune to operate this site, so we're taking a risk letting everyone try it out for only $1. And even the CC processors take that full dollar for themselves, so we don't even see a cent of that.  But we're willing to bet that you'll love the site and will stay a member, making it worth our investment in the future.

If you want to stay a member, your investment is only $14.95 per month after that, and you can cancel anytime with a simple email.  That's about 1/5th the cost of most people's cell phone bills or cable TV bills, but this investment will actually IMPROVE your health instead.

If you decide that the Inner Circle is not for you, just simply cancel before the 15 days, and you'll never be charged the first month of $14.95.

In addition, even if you forget to cancel on any given month, we'll still refund any amount you've been charged if you decide that's what you want.

So go ahead and sign up for the $1.00 Trial for the first 15 days of use of the site:

And please go ahead and start interacting with other members from around the world and get that social support that you need to be successful for life with your fitness goals!

Like I said, if you want to cancel at any time, it's as easy as a simple email to us, and we'll take care of it.  Also, even if you "forget" to cancel, we will still happily refund the charge for you if that's what you want.

So try out the first 15 days for only a buck:


I'll be back soon with more Lean-Body Secrets Newsletters in a couple days.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - Truth about Abs

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