7 Metabolism-Boosting Nutrients

If you've read my Fat Burning Kitchen as well as Truth About Abs ebooks, then you know I point out dozens of "minor" things that can all have small, but cumulative effects on your metabolism and fat burning efforts.

Some of these that I've written about are:
  • Use of cruciferous veggies to help fight the xenoestrogens your body is exposed to (that can make stomach fat particularly stubborn)
  • Use of green/black/white/oolong teas to have very slight increases in fat burning effect
  • Use of capsaicin to have a slight thermogenic effect and increase in calorie burning
  • Use of cinnamon which is proven to control blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and thereby help to control appetite/cravings and burn more fat
  • and dozens more simple little "tricks" like this that can all add up.

I've made sure to stress that none of these are "miracles" that will magically transform your body...

I've always tried to stress that the main aspects of your lifestyle, training consistency and strategy, nutritional habits, and mindset are vitally more important than any of these minor "tricks and tips".

But, I also honestly think that if you consistently combine many of these minor aspects like spices, teas, food types, etc, etc -- that you can see a legitimate increase in your fat burning results.

Although I don't believe in "Fat Burners" per se, I found a great new product that I think can help to maximize your metabolism...

This product contains some of the things I've talked about before... green tea, cinnamon, capsaicin, L-tyrosine, AKG, and a few other goodies.

I don't think it's a "miracle fat burner" or any nonsense like that...but I DO think it can help to give you the edge and increase your metabolism. Based on some of the ingredients, it could help to control blood sugar, control cravings, increase thermogenic caloric burning, etc... check it out here

(yes, this can be shipped to several dozen countries now)

Some of my other Prograde favorites that I personally use:
-EFA Icon (the powerful Krill Oil)
-Longevity (under anti-aging category)
-Prograde Protein (cold-processed, stevia sweetened)


Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author:  The Truth about Six Pack Abs

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