Does a Workout "Robot" Really Exist?

The idea of a workout "robot" may sound crazy, but my good friend Ryan Lee has come up with something along those lines...

It's actually an online video program that actually designs fast but effective full body workouts for you based on your goals... and you can watch as Ryan demonstrates the exercises for you, shows you exact sets and reps, and even has various music options you can pick.

You can even get workouts designed that only take a maximum of 4 minutes per workout and still get results. Remember that I always say that I vary my workout length... some days I do 20 minutes, some days 60 minutes, and some days only 4 or 5 minutes, but at a higher intensity.

Check out Ryan's workout robot below...

(be sure to check out the 5 or 6 short video clip demos that are on the page)

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