Do NOT eat these "healthy" cookies

If you try to find a "healthy" cookie, even at a health food store, it's nearly impossible!

For example, most "gluten free" cookies that I see at health food stores are still LOADED with sugar, rice syrup or agave syrup, have almost ZERO fiber, and just simply replace wheat flour with rice flour or another high glycemic flour that instantly digests into sugar in your body, spiking your insulin and triggering extra body fat to be deposited.

Another example is "low-fat" cookies that I often see, which simply replace some of the fats with extra sugars and other carbohydrates, giving you an even WORSE mess for your blood sugar and hormones than if you just simply ate a full-fat cookie.

The other horrendous example is that I've seen a few brands that tried to create high-protein cookies but use estrogenic and genetically-modified soy protein as the main protein source... NO THANKS!

But there's not one single cookie I've found on the market that is truly high-fiber, high-protein, gluten-free, soy-free, low-carb, and also rich in healthy fats for steady controlled energy without spiking your blood sugar levels. 

Until TODAY!

That's right... my good friends at Biotrust Nutrition have invented the first truly healthy cookie that's also seriously delicious!

I was even personally involved in working with Biotrust on the ideas for developing a healthy cookie that tastes great, and I know you're going to love this...

Introducing the brand-new soft and chewy Biotrust Frosted Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies!

12 Grams of Time-Released Protein... and 6 grams of craving-crushing fiber per cookie!  This means more controlled blood-sugar levels and balanced hormones compared to eating a regular cookie.

Yes, each cookie contains 12 grams of the highest quality fast and slow acting protein, including Micellar Casein, the Rolls Royce of protein supplements.  That means you'll get as much protein in 1 Biotrust cookie as you get in 2 hard boiled eggs... Very cool!

Furthermore, the protein in BioTrust Protein Cookies is sourced from cows not treated with the dangerous growth hormone rBGH, and rBST. Like you, we want to avoid putting synthetic, unnatural hormones into our bodies whenever possible.  Biotrust protein cookies are certified hormone and antibiotic free! 

But we didn’t stop there…

BioTrust Protein Cookies are 100% All-Natural and contain 6 grams of blood-sugar stabilizing fiber per cookie!

That means you won't find any trans fats, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in these scrumptious cookies… NONE.  Instead, these cookies are sweetened naturally with a new stevia extract and a naturally sweet form of fiber call inulin—providing 6 whopping grams of fiber per cookie.

What’s more: all of our cookies are non-GMO sourced and contain ZERO wheat, soy, trans fats or gluten.  That's right, a delicious and healthy gluten-free cookie, that's NOT loaded with sugar like most cookies, even so-called "healthy gluten-free" varieties that are typically a blood sugar disaster waiting to happen.

But what’s truly awesome is that even though BioTrust Protein Cookies™ are extremely nutritious…

They Taste So Delicious You’ll Look Forward To Them Just Like Mom's Oven-Fresh Cookies!

That's right, the premium nutrition found in BioTrust Protein Cookies™ doesn't sacrifice taste one bit!  You see, BioTrust Protein Cookies™ taste exactly like a cookie should.  In fact, you might mistake these moist and chewy cookies for the same warm, fresh-baked favorites your mother used to pull out of the kitchen oven. (Remember how good the house smelled when mom baked cookies?)

But don’t take my word for it …

Stock up today during this pre-release sale, and prove it to yourself… You Either LOVE These Healthy Cookies or They’re FREE!

Simply put, Biotrust stands behind these great-tasting protein cookies with an industry-leading One-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  If you don’t agree that these are the best-tasting, healthiest cookies on the planet… you get your money back…all of it!

So what's the price for a box of such high quality, premium cookies that actually taste as great as their nutrition profile?

Great question!

Each 12-count box of these delicious GIANT Frosted Oatmeal Raisin protein cookies retails at $29.95, but to celebrate the release of these amazingly healthy, all-natural and outrageously tasty cookies Biotrust has agreed to make them available via a private Buy 3, Get 1 Free sale!

NOTE: You can NOT get these cookies via the regular website yet and won't be able to for some time. They are also NOT available in stores. The ONLY way you can get your hands on them now is via this exclusive email and this private, special Buy 3, Get 1 FREE sale.

To secure your taste-test of the exclusive Buy 3, Get 1 FREE sale and be the first to try and LOVE these brand new, insanely deliciously high-protein, high-fiber cookies, just go to the page below right now to be taken to Biotrust's ultra-secure 256-bit shopping cart and your entire family will be enjoying these soft, chewy, moist and delicious all-natural flab-fighting cookies in no time!

==> BioTrust Giant Frosted Oatmeal Raisin High-Protein Cookies (Buy 3, Get 1 FREE)

And remember, you are 100% protected with the BioTrust industry-leading 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee, so there's nothing to lose apart from the unwanted body fat that unhealthy snacks are continuing to add to your waistline.

Try these delicous high-fiber, high-protein giant cookies... and enjoy one of the best flat-belly snacks you can choose!

PS -- more flavors of these healthy giant cookies are coming in a few months.  But definitely try these giant frosted oatmeal raisin cookies right now while they're available!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer