51 delicious fat-burning dessert recipes, snacks, and breakfasts

You absolutely HAVE to try some of these delicious high-protein, fat-burning desserts, snacks, and breakfast recipes... and there's ZERO cost to grab this recipe book today from my good friend and dietician, Jayson Hunter!

You'll want to try some of these goodies:
* Chewy "No Bake" Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies that are just 92 calories - p.1
* Yummy Vanilla Cake packed with a body-sculpting 35 grams of protein - p.4
* Guilt-Free French Toast with just 106 calories (perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast!) - p.23
* Velvety Orange mousse packed with an incredible 42 grams of protein - p.14
* Sinfully delicious Chocolate Cherry Parfait with just 1 gram of fat and 31 grams of protein? Yes! - p.16
* The Famous 65-calorie Decadent Chocolate-Covered Coconut Truffles -  p.17
* Go back to your childhood with the comforting Ice Cream Sandwich - but the "healthy" version crammed with 34g of protein and only 3g of fat - p.40
* Ever heard of a hot fudge topping for your ice cream with 28 grams of protein? Well now you have! - p.51

Grab all 51 of these protein-packed delicious recipes here <-- at ZERO cost!

Get ready to enjoy all of these delicious mouth watering recipes while simultaneously killing your cravings and boosting your metabolic rate!

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