450 lbs of pure lard, a 1-lb cheeseburger, and 5 sodas

Pure Laziness...

Before I start on the 450 lbs of lard story...

I've got a quick rant about laziness that I noticed at the airport today.While catching my flight from philly to san diego today, I was taking the walk down one of those LONG terminals to my gate, and I came to one of those conveyor-belt walkways to help you walk faster through the long terminals.

My pet peeve on these things is when lazy people think this is some sort of "amusement park ride" and just STAND on the walkway conveyor! Are you serious?!?

I see this ALL the time at airports. How lazy have some of us become that we can't WALK on a "walkway". I think that some people don't understand that the sole purpose of these is to WALK FASTER by combining the conveyor with your walking, and not to just stand there to save you from walking at all.

Anyone that is overweight and stands on an airport walkway for a "ride" instead of walking deserves to be fat... because that is just pure laziness at it's worst!Alright, enough of that rant.

450 lbs of Pure Gluttony (and selfishness)

So here's the story about 450 lbs of lard, a 1-lb cheeseburger, a plate of fries, and 5 sodas...I went to dinner last weekend with some good friends and I have to say that we were all astonished and disgusted at the gluttony we saw at the table next to us.A man that had to weigh about 450 lbs was eating at the table next to us with his wife and 2 young kids.

This man was so overweight that his stomach fat actually hung almost all the way to the ground as he sat in his chair. Now don't get me wrong, IF this man sincerely wanted to change his life, I would be more than willing to help and try to help him overcome whatever in his life has led him to become so overweight.

My problem is that he was certainly NOT trying to lose any of this weight...And this is NOT a genetics issue... this is all about lifestyle.

As I munched on my lean ostrich burger... we sat there in astonishment and watched him devour an entire 1-lb cheeseburger (if you've seen half lb burgers, then imagine how big a 1-lb burger is!), along with an entire plate of greasy fries, as well as guzzling down no less than 4 or 5 sugar-laden sodas (as well as eating some of his kids food too).

He obviously doesn't care that he's about 300 lbs overweight... he certainly wasn't trying to improve his health with this monstrous display of gluttony, eating probably over 4,000 calories in one sitting.

But the WORST part of this whole thing is that he's utterly SELFISH for being that far overweight. Yes, that's right... it's downright selfish to be THAT overweight.

The whole time I couldn't help but feel so bad for those 2 poor little kids that are probably going to lose their father due to health problems in a few years... or the wife that could be a widow at any time now... all because of this man's selfishness and obvious lack of care for his health.

I wondered about his relationship with his kids and how he can't play sports with them or do other things that I remember so fondly from my youth...

He could barely walk for that matter, so I can't think he can throw a ball with his kids, take them on a hike, or teach them how to swing a bat or a golf club. I have so many fond memories of my youth spent playing baseball and hockey with my dad, going on fishing trips, and doing other active things with him.

I feel bad that those kids with the 450-lb dad will never get to experience those types of activities with their dad.And it's frightening to wonder what types of habits those kids are learning by watching their dad eat 4,000 calories at a sitting at their meal times. What bad habits are they going to pick up in their lives by seeing lifestyle examples like this on a daily basis?

...Some food for thought for sure.

I'll be sending out a newsletter in a few days that explains some research on infrequent overeating and how "planned cheat days" actually increases your fat burning hormones and can revamp metabolic rate during periods of calorie-reduction. The key term is INFREQUENT overeating.

Look for that in the next few days. To finish up for today, here's an article that's been a popular one here on my site about changing your taste buds to eat healthier:

Til next newsletter
Don't be lazy (or gluttonous)... be lean.

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