My Favorite Post-Workout Shake Recipe

I'm sure you know by now from my newsletters that I'm not the biggest fan of typical supplements... you know... the hypey types that claim you can "blast off 8000% more fat with this" or "build 2456% more muscle with our mega-mass volumizer insanity"

That stuff is just for people that love to throw their money away on worthless crap that might not even have what the label claims in the bottle.

Of course, I put my trust for some quality items in my friends at

As for post-workout shakes, my favorite is to actually make my own homemade shakes...
Here's one of my favorites:

Chocolate-banana post workout shake

- 1 frozen ripe banana, chunked- 1 cup water- One 6-ounce container of chocolate or strawberry flavored yogurt (full sugar)- 1 scoop quality whey protein (try to find one with no artificial sweeteners)- 1 tbsp pure cocoa powder (if extra chocolate flavor is desired, and more antioxidants too!)

That's one of my favorites and pretty damn simple too. The ripe banana and the full sugar yogurt add a good dose of simple carbs to help replenish muscle glycogen after a workout (remember that post-workout is the only time of day I advocate a carb spike such as this). And the whey protein and yogurt add some quick digesting protein to help kick start muscle repair as well.

If you don't like chocolate, you can skip the cocoa powder and also use a different fruit flavor of yogurt. Also, if bananas aren't your thing, try freezing strawberries or another fruit. There are endless flavors you can come up with here!

On the topic of making your own supplements at home and saving a lot of money, my friend Jeff Anderson has an interesting website that shows you how to save mucho duckets by concocting your own supps instead of wasting your $$ on supps that you don't even know if they're legit or not...


Til next newsletter,Don't be lazy... be lean.

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