Unique Dietary Trick to Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism-Boosting Dietary Secrets

I just finished a big meal with my family of ham, yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and ice cream & cake as dessert... Yeah, I know... how could a fitness professional like myself ever consider gorging on such a huge calorie-dense meal?

What if I told you that YOU can still eat your favorite foods while simultaneously shedding body fat like crazy... Yes, it's true... but only IF you understand how to manipulate a few KEY aspects of your diet.

Today I want to introduce you to a unique dietary trick that actually allows you to eat your favorite foods while simultaneously boosting your metabolism so that you can shed off body fat easier. It involves a little bit of rotation of foods in your diet but is actually quite easy and fun to do once you get it right.

With the holidays here this time of year, this trick actually allows you to manipulate your daily food choices so that you can still enjoy whatever you want during the holiday gatherings, and if you do it right, you won't gain weight.

In fact, if you do this right, you'll actually boost your metabolism and make it easier to burn body fat.

Let me be clear about something... by using this unique method, you do NOT need to starve yourself, overly restrict your food intake, or try to live on nothing but chicken, broccoli, and salad.

Remember, if you do this right, you can actually enjoy most of your favorite foods every week.

My friend and colleague Jon Benson came up with this unique dietary system with the help of Jan Hauser. I have to say that it's brilliant what they've come up with. See for yourself below...

Jon and Jan were both obese years ago. Over the past four years, they perfected a System that shows you how they went from obese to "cover model"
fit and still eat their favorite foods.

Not "once a week" either -- they INSIST you eat delicious food frequently and without guilt or worry.

>>> Even better, they never count a single calorie!

They get to eat pizza, burgers, ice cream, and more...and still drop the lbs!

This is not a pill or a scam...this is science applied to the real world.

The science: you take advantage of the fact your body prefers a change of pace and can respond by burning ugly fat.

The real world: no one is going to eat salad and tuna every day for the rest of their life in order to shed bodyfat and feel good again.

Simple, right? Common sense!

You absolutely MUST HAVE a diet-plan you can live with for life.

And that's what this is.

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Don't be lazy... be lean.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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