Are these sinister ingredients lurking in your food?

I have a brand new article for you today that you absolutely must see... most people simply don't think about the health consequences of what the food you eat does to your body internally.

Remember that the government and giant food companies are not going to take care of your health... only YOU can respect your health and care about what you eat and what you feed your family.  Read today's article to see about some scary ingredients that are in a large portion of the food that you might be eating:

These sinister ingredients are lurking in YOUR food

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As you can see in that article, the ramifications of eating GM foods are still unknown to scientists, so letting yourself ingest these foods means you are allowing yourself to be a guinea pig in a giant uncontrolled health study that nobody knows if serious long term health effects will occur.

Speaking of most people not thinking the internal effects of the types of food they eat, make sure you've also check out this article/video:

This ONE food is internally damaging to you (and you probably eat it every day)

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