Why your cholesterol level is meaningless - and the truth

If you or somebody you love has ever been told they have "high cholesterol" and a doctor recommended dangerous side-effect ridden drugs, you need to watch this informative 5-minute video about lies on cholesterol.

The truth is... your cholesterol levels mean practically nothing.  New science is showing that there are MUCH more important measurements that can be done to determine what you need to do and make sure that you're not needlessly taking potentially dangerous "cholesterol lowering" drugs.

Always remember that cholesterol is an important substance in your body and it's there for a lot of important reasons.  Not only is cholesterol a healing substance in the body, but it also creates the building blocks for your hormones, so carelessly "lowering your cholesterol" could detrimentally harm your hormone balance.

This quick 5-minute video below is done by Dr. Bryan Walsh, and goes over very important things you need to ask your doctor when it comes to cholesterol. 

Dr. Walsh explains lies about cholesterol and what to do

One thing I'd add is that it's important to also ask your doctor to get a CRP test (C-reactive protein) as well as homocysteine test in addition to the standard LDL and HDL tests.  These tests are more important than just cholesterol levels.

Read my article below for more info about what you need to know about inflammation and cholesterol:

The hidden truth about "reducing your cholesterol"

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer