The WORST food to ever eat - if you want a flat belly

What is the absolute worst food for your body?  We're talking foods that cause cancer, diabetes, a fat belly, and lots more damage to your body...

Is it donuts? Maybe french fries or chips? Those trans fats are very damaging to your insides!  What about mac & cheese or pizza? Soft drinks stuffed with high fructose corn syrup? Sugar-loaded muffins, cookies, and cakes?  Or what about foods like pasta, cereals, and breads that most people falsely think are "healthy"?

Hmm ... although all of these foods are at the top of my "bad" list, let's distinguish what is the WORST for YOU specifically...

The worst food ever is ... drum roll please ... ANY food that you personally can't stop eating.  I'm talking about your personal "trigger foods".  You know, that one food that you'll keep eating until you practically make yourself sick.

For some it's ice cream. For others, it's candy, chocolate, or something crunchy and salty like chips or fries.  For me, it used to be cereals years ago... Once I'd have one bowl, I'd be like some crazed addict and need to eat 2-3 more bowls. 

Note - I NEVER EVER keep cereals around my house anymore, as I don't have the willpower to resist them, nor are they a food that hunter-gatherer humans were ever meant to eat in nature (hence the antinutrients in grains).

Whatever it is, if your trigger food is in your house ... chances are you'll come up with dozens of excuses about why it's okay to eat it.

"I'll workout extra hard tomorrow."


"I ate really healthy earlier today so it's okay to cheat tonight"


"I don't care ... give me that darn ice cream scooper!"

The key to getting (and keeping a flat belly) is recognizing these trigger foods and keeping them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE all the time!

Seriously. This tip alone can save you thousands of calories every week.

So today's take home message is this: make a list of your top trigger foods and "send them packin'." 

I know that the thought of never having your favorite junk food in your house again may SCARE you to death, but this doesn't mean you can never eat them again. 

The secret is to ONLY eat these favorite junk trigger foods on your cheat day (1 cheat day per week) and NEVER keep them in your house! So this means going OUT to eat on your cheat day, but NOT bringing these foods in your house.  Let's face it... almost nobody has the willpower to avoid their favorite junk foods all week long if they are staring you in the face in your cupboards.

If you eat close to 100% clean 6 days/week, then you can get away with eating your favorite junk trigger foods on 1 cheat day per week.  It works...try it!

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Bon appetit!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer