Do THIS, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky (Yet Simple) Tricks to Lose Fat Fast

We have exciting news for you today! 

I recently teamed up with best-selling author Jeff Anderson and we have co-authored a brand new powerful fat loss manual called Do This, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky (Yet Simple) Tricks to Lose Fat Fast (and it's on sale for $30-off right now!)

From the feedback we've gotten thus far, people are LOVING the fact that this isn't some overly-complicated program that seems impossible to follow... Instead, it's literally a giant list of 101 scientific "quick tips" you can put to use right away for getting better and faster results from ANY program -- or with NO program at all!

And it's drop dead SIMPLE to follow... you don't have to implement all 101 tips to actually get results. Just start with 10 of your favorite tips you find in the manual and implement those in the first 7 days, and you WILL see noticeable results in one week!  Then, just add 3 more of the 101 tips per week in order to keep your accelerated fat-burning on pace and to prevent your fat loss from stalling.

Here's a sample of some of the innovative and unique tips you'll find inside this new manual:

  • Trick #1:    The simple twist to your morning routine that INSTANTLY jumpstarts your metabolism and boosts fat-burning by as much as 30%!
  • Trick #5:    The beverage you've been WARNED to stay away from...but new-found studies reveal the shocking health benefits jam packed in this potent anti-aging/fat-burning "elixer"!
  • Trick #15:    The amazing "super food" that in one clinical study, dissolved away more than 10 extra pounds in twelve weeks...WITHOUT DIETING or any other lifestyle changes!
  • Trick #24:    Your "Emergency Response Plan" for those times when you know you ate too much and you're worried those extra calories are speeding straight toward your hips, belly, and thighs! (This little trick will save your ass - literally - and divert your fat-storing hormones just in the nick of time!)
  • Trick #69:    The most overlooked exercise strategy that even the "big boys" at the gym are unaware of...but when YOU use this technique, you'll NATURALLY raise your age-defying, fat melting Growth Hormone levels by as much as 4,000% (No...that is NOT a typo)!
  • Trick #57:    SHOCKING! Japanese researchers unlocked a strange biological trigger that tricks the brain into REDUCING blood sugar and short-circuiting fat storage...even WHILE you watch TV!
  • Trick #70:    I NEVER see anyone using this exercise technique in public but this "mini-workout" is a powerful way to work your muscles for an instant metabolic turbo-boost (works especially well at work)!
  • Trick #99:    A CANDLE trick that can naturally balance hormones, build muscle, AND burn fat?! It's true!

=> Get started with ALL 101 sneaky fat-burning tricks here (brand new and $30-off right now!)

Remember, just try at least 10 out of the 101 sneaky tricks in the first week, and you WILL see a leaner body in 7 days!  Have fun with this,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer