Eat ONE handful of this before meals to accelerate fat loss

This is such a powerful little tip that most people overlook it, or don't take it seriously.  But I've had clients in the past that got great results from implementing even such a simple trick like this into their daily routine...

Here it is:

About 20 minutes before both your lunch and dinner, grab ONE handful of any type of healthy nuts, such as raw almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, etc.  Just ONE handful! There's 2 powerful things this accomplishes:

1. What this does is that the healthy fats, fiber, and protein in the nuts sends a signal to your brain that basically reduces your appetite because it sensed the nutrients thereby taking the "edge off" so you're not extremely hungry when you start your actual meal. 

This means you automatically will eat less calories in your lunch or dinner because your brain has had 20 minutes to adjust appetite accordingly.

2.  The other thing that this little trick accomplishes is that the fiber, protein, and healthy fats in the handful of nuts goes to your stomach 20 minutes before the meal and therefore slows down the absorption of any carbohydrates that you might eat with your lunch or dinner.  This helps to slow and control your blood sugar response from the meal and also the insulin response. 

This is a 2nd reason that this trick controls your appetite by avoiding "hormonal hunger" caused by insulin.  What I mean by this is that if you do this trick before your lunch, you'll have a lower insulin response and therefore be less likely to "need" a mid-day snack, because you won't be subject to hormonal hunger attacks.

Now if you want yet another trick that you can try in your daily routine to accelerate fat loss, my friend and Nutritionist Josh Bezoni shows you a rather obscure, but powerful fat-burning meal that you can use TWICE a day, and only takes 60 seconds to make...

==> Eat THIS twice a day for accelerated fat loss (takes only 60 seconds to make)


Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer