These foods and herbs protect your hormones (can even improve sex!)

I keep seeing study after study showing some shocking hormonal declines in both men and women in recent decades.  The testosterone level decline in men is even affecting men as early as their 20's and 30's, with even worse effects on men 40+.
This article will also be helpful for women too, so don't think this is solely a "manly" article about T levels.

A couple of the reasons for the suffering T levels in men and just general hormonal imbalances in women are increasing estrogenic chemicals that we're exposed to from not only pesticides in our food supply (that's one major reason I choose to eat organic about 90% of the time), but also chemicals in water pollution, and even harmful estrogenic chemicals hiding in your lotions and shampoos (this is why I choose natural shampoo instead of chemical-based shampoos).

If that's not bad enough, some studies even link air pollution with excess abdominal fat, which is just yet more proof that the further we degrade our environment, the effects on our health are very real.

And here's another shocking thing that is killing testosterone levels (and sperm count) in men of all ages... yes, carrying a cell phone in your pocket too many hours a day can decrease testosterone levels and sperm count.  That article explains why.  Not fun!  That's why I NEVER carry a cell phone in my pocket.  I keep it off my body at all times and just on a table.

We're not done yet with the chemicals lurking out there that are out to get you... this article shows you a chemical found in paper receipts that you grab with your fingers that harms your hormones and lowers T levels.

But even though it seems that the entire world is trying to crush our testosterone levels from every angle, there are things you can do to protect yourself and foods, herbs, and spices you can eat that help boost T levels...

Hormone-balancing tip #1:

We NEED to eat enough fat!

Getting adequate healthy saturated fats from grass-fed dairy, coconut oil, whole eggs, and pasture-raised meats is one very important aspect in raising those all important T levels in men and balancing hormones in women too!  People that are afraid of eating fats will end up with hormonal imbalances, including low-T in men.  Remember as I explain in this article that dairy fat can be VERY good for you if you choose the right type.

Other healthy fats like avocados (I eat 1 avocado daily, half at breakfast and half at dinner), nuts, chia seeds, and a good quality olive oil can also help naturally boost T levels in men, as well as balance hormones in women.

Hormone-balancing tip #2:

Teas and spices...

Certain teas like organic chamomile tea and organic green tea have been shown to fight against xenoestrogens and thereby help to protect your T levels!

And even certain spices such as turmeric and ginger have been found to have properties that help to fight xenoestrogens and preserve your hormone balance.

Hormone-balancing tip #3:

Certain veggies...

Cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts) are particularly potent at fighting against xenoestrogens as I explain in this article.

Plus, I bet you didn't know this one...

This article shows a surprising veggie that can even help boost a man's testosterone levels.
Hormone-balancing tip #4:

Manage stress better. 

If you let stress get to you daily, this can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue, and once you get adrenal fatigue, T levels can suffer as well.  Manage stress properly by getting 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night, not letting daily stresses bother you, taking 2 minute breaks each hour at work for deep breathing and relaxation, and even trying things like meditation and yoga to help reduce stress.

Hormone-balancing tip #5: 

Get enough sunshine! 

Keeping your blood vitamin D levels above 50 ng/ml (most people are in the 20's or 30's) is shown to significantly boost T levels in men.  A side benefit is maintaining high Vitamin D3 levels also helps protect you from cancer, as well as keeps your bones strong.  Note that you can't produce vitamin D in your skin if you're wearing sunscreen.  Plus, most chemical-based sunscreens contain harmful estrogenic chemicals anyway, so I personally stay away from them fully.

Here's an important article and study showing how higher vitamin D levels can make you equivalent to 5 years younger, including some exact recommendations to optimize and protect yourself.

Hormone-balancing tip #6:
This is an herbal mixture that I personally use daily to help boost and protect my Testosterone levels... All 5 of these herbal ingredients have been shown to have T-boosting effects that are powerful.

I hope you enjoyed all of these hormone-protecting tips!
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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer