My car accident & backyard ab workouts

Every now and then life throws something at you that really makes you appreciate (even more) everything you have in this life...your family, friends, and everything you take for granted on a daily basis.

Well, just 2 days ago, one of those incidents happened to me... My father and I were in a car accident. It's the first accident I've ever been in.

I was out in Pennsylvania visiting my parents for a few days, and my dad and I were coming back from an afternoon of fishing...

We were driving down a hill in my dad's pickup truck and all of the sudden a large truck carrying sewage (one of those vacuum trucks that pumps out port-o-potties) blew through a stop sign and side-swiped us, hitting us on the back rear passenger side, causing us to do a 180-degree spin (nearly flipping our truck), wrecking my dad's small trailer and small boat, and totaling his Chevy Silverado.

Luckily, nobody was injured except a couple minor bruises. The impact hit just a few feet behind me as I was sitting on the passenger side, so it was only a split second away from possibly causing much worse injury.

The driver of the sewage truck, who was at fault in the accident, looked like a female version of Don King (remember Mike Tyson's promoter with the wild puffy hair)... yeah, needless to say, she was a scary looking character!

Anyway, if you've ever been in a car accident, you know it's one of those things that makes you realize how precious life really is, and how it can be hanging on a thread sometimes, where a split second one way or the other could take life away from you.

Take the opportunity today to really give some appreciation for everyone you love in your life, and always remember how pointless stupid arguments over small insignificant things really are.

My backyard ab workouts:

While I was visiting my parents over the weekend, I decided to revisit my youth -- one of the chores that I used to do in the yard growing up, that is also a great full body and abs workout. And that was...

Splitting fire wood! (the old fashioned way... with an axe instead of a machine)

I saw that my dad had some big logs out in the yard that needed to be split for next winter, so I thought it would be fun and be a good workout to get out there and jump right in.

What a great full body workout... and a killer abs workout for that matter too!

I did about an hour and a half of wood splitting, and it felt great. I try to really get some muscle into each axe drop, which I noticed really contracts the abs hard, as well as working the lats, shoulders, and forearms pretty hard too.

As weird as it may sound to some people, I really enjoy hard work like that... maybe it has to do with my upbringing doing manual labor and working all 4 years during my college years for a landscaping company (70-hour weeks every summer)... but there's just something I love about being outside and doing hard work.

So as much as I talk about gym workouts, sprint workouts, kettlebell workouts, etc in this newsletter, I just figured I would bring back the point that you can also get great workouts outside simply by doing some good old fashioned yard work.

On a related note to ab workouts, here are 3 of my favorite "non-abs exercises" that also simultaneously work the abs super hard!

Check it out:

Feel free to pass that article on to your friends and family that may want to try those exercises.

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