Can coffee be super healthy?

Ahh delicious coffee... almost everybody drinks it... some people have 3-4 cups per day or more.  There are apparently more than 150 MILLION coffee drinkers in the US alone.

But most people don't think of coffee as a "health drink".  And it's certainly NOT healthy the way most people make it with loads of added sugar or artificial sweeteners and artificial trans fat laden creamers.

Read my quick article today and you'll see how to make the healthiest cup of coffee that's both healthy AND delicious:

3 tricks to make your coffee super-healthy

Did you not know about some of the health benefits and powerful antioxidants in coffee?  Read this article about the powerful health benefits of coffee.

Enjoy!  Please feel free to send this page to any of your friends or family that love coffee.

Mike Geary
Author of best-seller:  The Truth about Six Pack Abs