Killer Workouts in 10 minutes or Less!

If you've followed some of my previous blog entries and Ezines, you know that I'm a big proponent of mixing into your training routines some very brief but very intense workouts. I think this training style really revs up your metabolism and gives your body (and your joints) a break from long grueling workout routines that can be boring as well.

Sometimes, I just run over to the park and do a really intense workout with bodyweight exercises and wind sprints in as little as 10 minutes. It feels really invigorating and you're left with a much fresher feeling than when you've labored through a typical hour long workout.

Based on these concepts of short intense workouts and the fat burning hormonal response and metabolism increase you can see from routines like this, I've created a new site that you might want to check out:

Go check it out now. The workout programs are killer and great for people that have a hard time finding time to workout.

Mike Geary
Founder/Owner - &

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