This "sweet" food can help you fight belly fat

About 3 weeks ago, I sent a newsletter recommending a new healthy ice cream product that I've really been enjoying personally, and it's a high protein, high fiber ice cream formula called FitFreeze, that also tastes incredible!

Well, according to my help-desk staff, while a lot of people really enjoyed this new healthy ice cream alternative, a few others questioned the ingredients and if they are truly "natural" or not.

Also a few other people were wondering if I actually use FitFreeze myself, or if this was simply an "advertisement". Well, the answer to that is YES, I love this stuff, and I've even made 2 batches of it since Christmas.  Hey, I'm not gonna lie...I love ice cream, but I pretty much never buy regular ice cream because of the high loads of sugar. I usually only enjoy ice cream once per month as a treat out at a restaurant, but I don't bring ice cream in my house usually since I might be tempted to eat too much of it at once. 

But FitFreeze has allowed me to enjoy a serving of ice cream each night after dinner without having to worry about loading up on massive amounts of sugar in regular ice cream, or the nasty artificial sweeteners that are in typical "light ice cream".  FitFreeze, on the other hand, is naturally sweetened with zero-calorie stevia, while also having 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber per serving!  There's not a single ice cream at the grocery store that can claim that.

Now to answer the question about whether it contains truly "natural" ingredients...

Although there are a few minor ingredients added for texture and extra fiber that might not sound "natural", it doesn't mean that they aren't technically natural. According to the food scientist that helped develop FitFreeze, the product does indeed qualify to be labeled as "natural", and any minor ingredients such as polydextrose or cellulose gum that may sound questionable are in such small quantities, that it is irrelevant.

Personally, to answer those that questioned a few of the ingredients in FitFreeze, I have no problems at all with the FitFreeze formula... My main goals are to avoid ingredients with MAJOR issues such as hydrogenated oils (trans fats), refined omega-6 oils (inflammatory), harmful artificial sweeteners, or added sugars or high fructose corn syrup.  And FitFreeze doesn't contain any of those harmful ingredients. 

And the cool thing is that you can customize Fitfreeze by adding your own extra ingredients to the vanilla or chocolate flavors that they currently sell. Since you mix FitFreeze in the blender before freezing, you can add a few extra healthy ingredients in you want to customize.

For example, during Christmas week at my mom's house, I made a batch of chocolate FitFreeze and added a little bit of banana and peanut butter to make a chocolate-banana-peanut-butter ice cream. It was great! And just this week at my house, I made the vanilla FitFreeze with some added frozen organic black cherries and raw walnuts to the blender to make a Vanilla-cherry-walnut ice cream... mmm, delicious!

Lastly, my help-desk told me that a few people also complained about why they had to pay shipping despite the offer being for free samples of FitFreeze.  Geez, cut them a break... they would go out of business if they shipped thousands of cartons out without at least covering their shipping costs. I think it's completely fair for them to charge for shipping if you want to try out the free samples.  After all, this is a unique product and isn't something that you can find in any store.

You can try FitFreeze free samples here for only S&H.

If you want to read my initial post about FitFreeze, you can read here the delicious details about this healthy lean-body ice cream.

I think you'll enjoy this new high protein, high fiber ice cream as much as I have!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer