This chemical turns men into "girly men" - BPA

If there's one message I try to keep hammering home in this newsletter, it is the danger present in some of the harmful chemicals that we are exposed to in our food supply, our cleaning supplies, our environment, as well as lotions, shampoos, etc.

As you know, one topic I talk about often is how we are being bombarded by chemicals known as "xenoestrogens" in our new modern chemical-laden world, and the harm to BOTH men and women with these chemicals.

Read this new article to protect yourself from this potential harm:

This chemical turns men into "girly men" (how much exposure are you getting?)

As you can see in that article, we are exposed to this chemical in some weird places, included that shiny paper receipt that you get from almost any store when it touches your skin, or touches your food (yes, even common receipts are one of your exposure points).

Also, if you missed this article, you can read here how you are exposed to this harmful chemical in canned tomatoes as well as bottled drinks.  You NEED to know what to watch out for to protect yourself from these harmful "xenoestrogens".

And although we should always do our best to avoid exposure to BPA and other xenoestrogens, some exposure is going to happen anyway, as these chemicals are all around us.  There is a specific class of vegetables that can help fight against xenoestrogens and belly fat.

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer