A healthy fat-burning breakfast - and carb addiction?

I had a question recently from an old friend about her struggles with her weight.  Basically, she works out very regularly and intensely, but she still often can't seem to make any progress with her weight.

Now, knowing a good bit about what she eats on a regular basis, I had a fairly good idea of why I think she's still struggling with her weight.  Here was my response to her:

T, here's what I think... keep in mind I'm not there to see what you're eating every day, or what your kitchen is stocked with...  But from everything you've told me in the past, my instinct tells me that your diet is way too high in grains, and carbs in general, but specifically the grains.  Have you ever tried going a solid 2-3 weeks without any grains at all (aside from cheat days)?  I think you'd see great results, and it's worth a test!

I'm not going to say this works for absolutely everyone, but almost everyone I've recommended it to that's actually implemented it has seen tremendous results with their body.

It's easier than you think -- unless of course your kids are grain addicts with breads, cereals, etc and having those foods around the house makes it impossible to avoid temptation.

If you want to give it a try, here's an example day for me without any grains that's pretty easy for me to stick to... this is just my example personally, so modify to what works best for you:

I wake up around 9am and do 40 min hike or bike on empty stomach with just tea and bcaa's (to prevent muscle catabolism)

Sometimes I mix my unsweetened iced tea with this Superfoods Cocktail (which has 74 superfood ingredients and is surprisingly delicious!)

breakfast 10am:
-eggs with lots of veggies, a healthy type of grass-fed sausage, cheese, and avocado, and sometimes salsa
-hot tea or occasionally coffee with tiny bit of stevia

130 or 2pm:
apple with almond butter

veggie sticks with hummus, and 1 hard boiled egg

workout w/ weights 6-7pm

post workout smoothie 730pm (frozen fruit, grass-fed whey, organic cocoa, etc)

dinner:  10pm
-grass fed steaks or wild salmon
-steamed veggies with melted cheese
-large greens salad with avocado and my home made healthy salad dressing
-small piece of dark chocolate for dessert (1 square)

midnight snack:  some almonds or pecans and chamomile tea

Not so hard right?  And it works!  I've never had a client that didn't get super lean on this type of plan (if they actually followed it, which is another story).

The thing I've noticed with almost everybody that's told me they are struggling with their weight despite working out really hard is when I look at their nutrition, they are essentially "carb addicts".... almost every single time, their house is loaded with cereals, orange juice, breads, bagels, muffins, pasta, etc.  Give up that stuff at least 6 days a week, and the weight flies off no problem.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer