A link between air pollution and abdominal fat?

Study shows how air pollution can affect your belly fat:

This may sound like a weird study, but it's just more evidence that the further we stray from our natural world, the worse health we see.  This applies to our degraded food supply, our stressful lives in this modern era, our water pollution, noise pollution (yes, living in a noisy city subconsciously increases our stress levels and can deteriorate health), and also, air pollution.

According to Men's Health, "Researchers at Ohio State University found that mice exposed to air pollution developed more abdominal fat, higher blood sugar levels, and more insulin resistance than mice who breathed clean air. Pollutants may trigger an increase in the number and size of fat cells."

I know this particular study was on mice, but I don't think anybody will disagree that exposure to air pollution is definitely going to have negative health effects on humans with chronic exposure.  And this study just happened to show that some of those negative health effects can be on body fat and insulin resistance.

So, if you live in out in the countryside or the mountains, you can rejoice about how your clean air is helping your body!

One other not so fun fact for you regarding air pollution...

Did you know that if you live in a smoggy city, even on a sunny day in the summer, the UVB rays don't pass through the smog sufficiently enough to trigger Vitamin D production in your body.  UVA rays pass through smog, but only UVB rays trigger Vitamin D production in your body, and UVB rays are blocked by smog.

So someone who lives in a smoggy city could easily end up chronically deficient in Vitamin D (even if you live in a sunny, but smoggy city such as Los Angeles), which as you know, can throw almost every hormone in your body out of whack.

... Just more bad news for air pollution.  I know you don't have much choice if you live in a polluted city (except to fight against air pollution), but this is just more reason for trips out to the countryside or mountains to breath that fresh air and get your vitamin D producing sunshine, non-impeded by smog.

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