How to get deep cut abs (unusual post workout trick)

My friend Rusty Moore is a fanatic when it comes to having dense and defined abs.

I asked him what his favorite ab exercise was. Here's what he told me:


20 years ago back in college I met a golf pro with amazing abs. When I asked him how he got such ripped deep abs he demonstrated how to effectively perform the Hanging Leg Raise. Within 4-5 months of following his routine I had the most ripped abs of my life.

...but there was a problem. Hanging Leg Raises were weakening my spine, creating an unnatural curve, and slowly bringing me bad lower back pain. The same thing happened to my workout partner at that time.

So I dropped this routine...did planks and other stabilization exercises for the next few months...and simply had O.K. abs.

But a little over a year ago, I found out a way to use the ab routine the golf pro taught me...and without risking lower back pain or back injury!

The Discovery?

---> Do hip bridges or back bridges after each and every ab workout!

[+] Lay down on an exercise mat and push your hips up high.
[+] As time passes, relax your hip flexors and push a little higher.
[+] Hold this position for 3-4 minutes.

The reason this works?

Doing too many ab exercises over time can curl the spine forward and over time weaken the spinal column. Bridging brings back the natural arch in your spine and makes it strong.

I recommend that you end each and every ab workout with some form of bridging.

After doing these you will actually feel a bit taller.

It also ensures that you don't get that "pulled forward" posture that is so common among guys who train a lot.

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Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer