Unique 36-day protocol to strip 10-15 lbs of fat while building lean muscle

If you want to see the exact protocol of how my friend Nick lost an insane amount of body fat, all while actually building lean muscle at the same time, pay attention to this story... in fact, I'll show you some pretty cool before and after pics of Nick after two 36-day "rounds" of this new protocol that he designed.

Now let me just first say that Nick is one of the smartest personal trainers that I know, and he's even been called "the mad scientist" because of his unique workouts and all of the crazy experiments that he runs on himself and his clients. He's even INVENTED several exercises that nobody in the fitness world had ever thought of before... I'm not kidding.  The guy is an exercise genius.

The types of programs he uses are like nothing I've ever seen with most traditional trainers, so it's not surprising that Nick gets better results than most trainers.  Check this out below and see how you can use Nick's protocol he's invented to totally re-shape your body in 36 days:

Unique 36-day protocol to ERASE 10-15 pounds of fat while building sculpted lean muscle

When you check out Nick's page there, he's also going to show you his 3 biggest secrets for RAPID and PERMANENT body fat reduction:

1. Nick's "idiot-proof" formula for keeping and building muscle and strength while losing large amounts of body fat FAST (and it IS possible, even in advanced trainers) and without having to spend your whole life in the gym.

2. An EASY nutrient-rotation strategy that TOTALLY prevents metabolic slowdown so you NEVER hit a fat-loss plateau...AND how to customize your training to the exact nutrients you're eating to literally DOUBLE your results.

3. How to structure your overall training program so rebound weight gain DOES NOT HAPPEN and you continue to lose fat even after you're done.

You know what's crazy, and how we know this works... Nick actually tested this protocol on himself by performing TWO rounds of this 36-day protocol, and he went from 16.7% to 6.6% body fat in 72 days and dropped 3 inches from his waist...Insane!

You can see legit pics here of Nick dropping 10.1% BF in 72 days (very cool, and impressive!)

Read that page and you'll also see 3 nutrition problems that Nick identifies that could be harming your metabolism and your hormone balance.  The insulin and growth-hormone relationship is one that is very powerful in my opinion.

And you'll actually ENJOY some of the nutrition techniques that Nick shows you in his protocol, as although it can be strict at times, his "nutrient rotation" technique also allows you to eat burgers, pizza, and other delicious foods that might be off limits on typical fitness programs.

And when you try the exercise protocol, you're going to be blown away at how your body responds... here's some of the techniques that Nick will take you through:

* Fat-Loss Circuit Training
* Lactic-Acid Training
* Time/Volume Training™
* Antagonistic Superset Training
* Cluster Training
* Triple Drop Set and Triple Add Set Training

Are you pumped to get started? 

Here's how to get RIPPED in 36-days (check out the special deal Nick has for you this week)

Note:  If you have more than 10-15 pounds of body fat that you want to lose, you can REPEAT the 36-day protocol a 2nd time to get as lean and chiseled as you want.  After a 2nd round, you'll want to switch to a different training program for a while so your body doesn't adapt.  In the future, you could return to this protocol at any time that you need FAST results in about 5 weeks.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer