New "macro-patterning" food and carb cycling method to boost fat burning

I have an information-packed video article for you today from my good friend Shaun Hadsall, who has dedicated much of his research to losing that last bit of stubborn lower abdomen fat as well as something he calls "food macro-patterning" to trigger a shift in your metabolism.

Shaun's info is always cutting edge and science-based. I really think you'll like this video article...great info!

Food "macro-patterning" to force lower ab fat to be burned for fuel

Enjoy this great new video article!  And thanks to Shaun for putting together such valuable and effective fat loss information.

If you missed it a few weeks ago, Shaun also created a killer new free report called The Stubborn Fat Protocol: Your 14-day Plan to Burn Off Lower Abdominal Fat.

This report is free and without any email opt-in required to download the report.  I think you'll really enjoy it, as it is chock full of really advanced fat-burning strategies.

Enjoy!  To being lean for life,

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer