A healthy fat-burning BROWNIE recipe? (gluten-free, diabetic safe)

If you've been reading my newsletters for some time, I'm sure you know that I LOVE cooking and baking, and making seemingly unhealthy meals, snacks, or desserts into healthy versions.

In fact, my own recipes for healthy chocolate fudge and also my healthy chocolate pudding on the TruthAboutAbs site have both become extremely popular worldwide!

But I was recently introduced to a chef who is the MASTER at creating healthy but delicious desserts (yes, I'll admit she's even better than me!), that are also diabetic-friendly and with no gluten as well -- which is a major concern for many these days...

Her name is Kelley and she has PERFECTED the art of making desserts that are very low in sugar, high in fiber, higher in protein, and also with no gluten and also healthy for diabetics!

I've been reading through some of Kelley's recipes and I am LOVING them!  I can't wait to try every single recipe recipe she's created.

I don't get excited very often like this because most so-called "healthy" recipe books usually recommend terrible ingredients like artificial sweeteners, or "low-fat" ingredients which simply gives you a high sugar, low-fat recipe that spikes your blood sugar and makes you fatter.

Not Kelley.... she's one of the few chefs and authors that actually "gets it" and understands that healthy eating can involve ample amounts of fat, as long as it's healthy fat (which also makes delicious moist desserts!)

Go here to see how Kelley makes healthy fat-burning brownies
(and 40 other healthy delicious desserts that are diabetic friendly and no gluten!)

What else will you find in Kelley's awesome healthy dessert recipes?  Well, how about these:

* healthy chocolate chip cookies
* healthy carrot cake cupcakes
* healthy flourless chocolate cake
* healthy cheesecake with berries
* healthy chocolate coconut truffles
* healthy cranberry pecan muffins
* healthy poundcake (with 10 grams of protein per serving!)
* healthy espresso chocolate mousse
* healthy mint chip ice cream
* healthy creme brulee

...and over 40 other delicious mouth-watering healthy dessert recipes that are diabetic-friendly and no gluten -- and I put my personal "Lean-Body" seal of approval on these dessert recipes! 

Check out Kelley's mouth-watering healthy desserts here

You're going to LOVE these.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer